2007 went down in history as a year of revolutionary reform in the New York Workers' Compensation Law.  2008 saw bureaucratic grid-lock and a failed attempt to bring the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment to New York.  2009 came and went without reports from many of the Task Forces created by the 2007 amendments to the law.  As a result, tremendous uncertainty remains among injured workers, medical providers and attorneys about the eventual impact of the the reform legislation.  Many important issues for injured workers are unresolved  and subject to future Workers' Compensation Board regulation and interpretation.

For these reasons, the New York Workers' Compensation Alliance must remain vigilant in defending the rights of injured workers.  We will work closely with  the Workers' Compensation Board and our friends in both the State Assembly and the State Senate to protect the due process rights of injured workers.   Our  Legislative Counsel, Richard Winsten, Esq., continues to work tirelessly on our behalf in the corridors and back rooms of the capitol in Albany. In addition, we are pleased to add grass-roots internet lobbying to our arsenal of weapons through CapWiz.

Please download the attached  WCA Membership Application and join the WCA's fight to protect injured workers.  As you can imagine, there are substantial costs to have our  voices heard in Albany.  The entire Board of Directors of the WCA serves voluntarily and without any remuneration.  Our costs are primarily related to supporting our legislative counsel, maintaining our internet presence and contributing to candidates that share our belief that injured workers deserve swift and fair compensation and medical care, in addition to to a hearing upon request at the Workers' Compensation Board

Please  consider joining the WCA today and return to this site for future legislative updates.  If you have any questions regarding membership or other activities of the Workers' Compensation Alliance, please contact the Alliance.