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The Workers Compensation Alliance is a statewide coalition of injured workers and other stakeholders committed to protecting the rights of injured workers under the NY state workers’ compensation laws.
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.@NYSA_Majority .@IDC4NY .@NYSenDems Sign on to the petition - not the @BusinessNYS plan to gut #WorkersComp… https://t.co/yTv4vxiL1Y April 07 2017Over 5,000 NY workers have signed on already - join them and make your voice heard today! #worker #ProtectOurCare https://t.co/ka5tAzDWYG April 07 2017RT @NewYorkWCA: .@IDC4NY .@NYSA_Majority .@NYSenDems Today's worker-low wage, immigrant, mid income- is tmrw's injured worker. #ProtectWork… April 06 2017RT @NYCOSH: With construction injuries and fatalities at all time high in NY, we need to fight to #protectworkerscomp in the #NYSbudget April 06 2017RT @NYCOSH: There can be no compromise on healthcare for injured workers #protectworkerscomp in the #NYSbudget - workers lives depend on it! April 06 2017@nily @jjfesq @NYSA_Majority Thank you - we are and we will. The work to #ProtectWorkersComp is not over. We will #KeepFighting April 05 2017.@NYSA_Majority .@IDC4NY .@NYSenDems Thank you for standing with workers against big biz and big ins. Our work is not done. #KeepFighting April 05 2017.@IDC4NY .@NYSA_Majority .@NYSenDems Today's worker-low wage, immigrant, mid income- is tmrw's injured worker. #ProtectWorkersComp for them April 04 2017.@NYSenate @NYSA_Majority @IDC4NY @NYSenDems OPPOSE the campaign to slash compensation for temporary disability + p… https://t.co/RxsnrWANGf April 03 2017.@NYSenate .@NYSA_Majority .@IDC4NY .@NYSenDems Thank you for keeping NY open for hardworking NYers. Pls also protect them if hurt at work! April 03 2017

Help Protect the Rights of Injured Workers!

For the past two decades, business and insurance interests have lobbied to cut benefits for injured workers. The Workers Compensation Alliance helps make sure that doesn’t’ happen!

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