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The Workers Compensation Alliance is a statewide coalition of injured workers and other stakeholders committed to protecting the rights of injured workers under the NY state workers’ compensation laws. Learn More
RT @NYCIRB: On October 1 New York workers compensation loss costs will decrease by an average of 11.7%! — View the full State of the System… September 14 2018RT @NYCIRB: New York workers’ compensation medical severity decreased in policy year 2016 — View the full State of the System report here:… September 14 2018RT @NYCIRB: Over the past several years, claim frequency in New York has been relatively flat — View the full State of the System report he… September 14 2018A fair estimate of the data is that while employer costs dropped about $1 billion, insurer profits were probably ab… https://t.co/FPTpox6FCj September 14 2018RT @NYCOSH: Today, we're mourning all those who lost their lives on 9/11, and all of the responders and residents who died from a 9/11-rela… September 11 2018RT @NationalCOSH: “Wage theft is symptomatic of an overall disregard for workers’ well-being,” says @ManhattanDA https://t.co/PsBbnKB2vY @… August 09 2018#Employers costs for #WorkersComp drop https://t.co/c6S8u7A5RG August 09 2018@BusinessNYS @NYCIRB Our Twitter was never "closed." And to be clear, we are pleased to see employer costs droppin… https://t.co/DY6zubUUVX July 20 2018Or, we could go with the facts: the drop in employer #workerscomp costs has absolutely nothing to do with last year… https://t.co/g0ONA2JZm7 July 20 2018Spoiler alert: employer costs are dropping rapidly - because of long term trends, *not* cuts to worker benefits.… https://t.co/atPqQUlTNE July 14 2018

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For the past two decades, business and insurance interests have lobbied to cut benefits for injured workers. The Workers Compensation Alliance helps make sure that doesn't’ happen!
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